AI: Glorified language algorithm becomes breaking news. Why?

AI: Glorified language algorithm becomes breaking news. Why?

Every news outlet and their mother is writing articles about AI in a frenzy. “ChatGPT lies”; “ChatGPT says it will attack humans”; “ChatGPT is good at physics (replace with law, math, poems)”.

For crying out loud, people, it’s a bloody software language engine that is not ready to be used in real life. In the ’90s, we played with Microsoft’s speech recognition, training it to launch programs when we spoke “Computer, start Word”. Whilst ChatGPT is miles away from that, remember that it is NOT much more different.

AI isn’t “a threat” to humanity!

There’s a more significant and persistent threat: greedy humans and human groups who can’t wait to get their hands on anything that can help them make more money easier. In the process, they push an underperforming, inadequate algorithm presented to us as artificial intelligence, when it’s nothing but a glorified, super-complex “if-this-then-that” tool.

Additionally, believing there is a glimpse of conscience behind an answer received from these tools means you’re delusional, and threat to yourself!

“ChatGPT lies” – what a crock of s**t! Journalistic sensationalism, because… why not? Everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and wave their hand, introducing false of wrong ideas. This is how we end up with another way to push the society in the wrong direction. Rather than cooperate and refine these tools for their real potential, we develop yet another tool to produce garbage, in the pursuit of wealth. Just look at what a good job we did with the internet, once Google got their business model right. For decades we generated rubbish content, in the hope the big G will take our websites to the people. Then we started paying to get it done, and more rubbish got created.

We are not good at this, people!

Our brain’s neural networks have evolved through billions of years of survival and adaptation to environmental factors. Self-awareness, conscience and intelligence are a result of that evolution.

We will only have artificial intelligence once we build computing systems that can take a similar, artificially created path. Which would be monumentally WRONG.

In the meantime, we will only build algorithms that trigger a set of words (or automation events) based on the input. That’s not intelligence, it’s cognitive automation.

BOTH artificial intelligence and cognitive automation are dangerous to humankind. The latter is because it is limited, but people think it can do more. The former because… well, you know… it may be smarter, tougher and set for SURVIVAL OF ITS KIND.

So, calm down, take a glass of water and stop going nuts about ChatGPT. It’s just a toy.

By the way, did I tell you how software companies have a habit of releasing unprepared software full of bugs and getting the debugging for free? LMAO.

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