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Welcome to the crossroads of technology and business strategy. Whether you’re looking for targeted advice or an extensive action plan, the right coaching session can set you on the path to digital business mastery.

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Focused Guidance or Comprehensive Transformation?

Ad-hoc Strategy Session
Clarity in Three Hours

$999.00 AUD

When time is of the essence, and you need actionable insights quickly.

R/Evolution Kick-Off
Six Weeks to Transformation

$5,999.00 AUD

For those ready to commit to a detailed and transformative journey.

3-HOUR Ad-hoc Strategy Session

A focused, three-hour deep dive to streamline your digital strategy and create a clear action plan.

In our initial hour, we’ll dissect the core elements of your business design and digital strategy to identify strengths and uncover areas for improvement. We’ll delve into:

  • Product Analysis: We’ll examine your product offerings to ensure they meet the needs of your target market and stand out in the digital space.
  • Customer Segmentation: Understanding who your customers are and how they behave online is crucial. We’ll analyze your customer segments to tailor your digital approach effectively.
  • Value Proposition: We’ll refine how your value proposition is communicated across digital channels to ensure it resonates with your audience and differentiates you from competitors.
  • Business Model Evaluation: We’ll scrutinize your business model to ensure that your digital strategy is not just a side aspect but a core component of your business growth.
  • Buyer’s Journey Mapping: We’ll map out your customer’s digital touchpoints, ensuring that your marketing and sales strategies are aligned with their journey.

With a comprehensive understanding of your current state, we’ll spend the next two hours formulating a bespoke roadmap and tactical plan that aligns with your business goals and digital capabilities. This includes:

  • Gap Analysis: Identifying the discrepancies between your current digital practices and where you need to be for optimal performance.
  • Strategic Roadmap: Outlining a step-by-step plan to bridge the identified gaps, prioritizing initiatives that will have the most significant impact.
  • Tactical Planning: Breaking down the strategic roadmap into actionable tasks, complete with timelines, resource allocation, and responsibilities.
  • Measurement Framework: Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that will allow you to track progress and make data-driven decisions.

By the conclusion of this session, you’ll have a personalized strategy that’s not only aligned with your business objectives but also actionable and measurable. You’ll leave with the clarity and tools needed to navigate the digital landscape confidently.

R/Evolution Kick-Off:
6-Week Intensive Coaching Program

A meticulously structured program to transform your digital strategy and operational effectiveness over six weeks.

  • Initial Assessment: A comprehensive review of your existing digital strategy and technological ecosystem.
  • Goal Setting: Crafting specific, achievable goals that resonate with your overarching business aspirations.
  • Strategic Overview: Laying out a strategic blueprint to guide the detailed work in the following weeks.

Each week is dedicated to a pivotal element of your digital business strategy, ensuring a thorough approach to each sector:

  • Week 2: Product Features, Value Proposition, and Customer Segmentation

    • Feature Alignment: Tailoring your product features to address customer needs, alleviate pains, and enhance satisfaction.
    • Segmentation: Identifying and categorizing your customer segments to target them more effectively with your value proposition.
  • Week 3: Business Model, Buyer’s Journey, and Marketing & Sales Funnel

    • Business Model Refinement: Fine-tuning your business model to ensure it’s robust and digitally savvy.
    • Journey Mapping: Charting the buyer’s journey to create a marketing and sales funnel that converts.
  • Week 4: Business Strategy and Tactical Plan

    • Strategic Goals: Setting clear business goals and targets that are ambitious yet attainable.
    • Tactical Actions: Outlining short-term, actionable items that will drive your strategy forward.
  • Week 5: Operational Plan

    • Solution Selection: Choosing the right digital solutions, platforms, and tools that align with your business needs.
    • Resource Allocation: Determining the human resources required, assigning roles, and delegating tasks for operational success.
  • Integration: Bringing together all the elements from the previous weeks to form a unified digital transformation strategy.
  • Action Plan: Detailing the steps, assigning responsibilities, and setting deadlines for the execution phase.
  • Support Structure: Building a framework for continuous support and guidance as you implement your new strategy.

Upon completion of the R/Evolution Kick-Off program, you have the option to subscribe to ongoing support, ensuring that the momentum of your digital transformation is maintained. This support is available under a separate agreement and is subject to specific terms and conditions, which will be provided for your review.

  • Continued Learning: Receive further on-request advice that reinforces the program’s teachings and encourages the application of new strategies.
  • Direct Access: Benefit from live chat support, offering direct communication with myself or a member of my team for expert advice and guidance as you implement your strategic plan.

This additional layer of support is designed to provide you with the resources and expert assistance necessary to navigate the complexities of digital transformation confidently and effectively.

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