Business Design


Business design is a relatively new discipline in the entrepreneur’s arsenal of industry tools, together with the marketing concept of disruption, Jobs-to-be-done, and other modern approaches to business development. Around 15 years ago, business modelling became popular in the SMB space. The idea gained momentum with the publication of the Business Model Canvas by Alexander Osterwalder, which is now primarily used by many business coaches and consultants.

My approach combines these tools in a simple yet effective roadmap that brings together consecrated ideas and methodology. This fusion of modern tools for the business entrepreneur, or executive, allows a higher level of mindfulness around business mechanics. When used together, these tools provide an easy-to-follow path to build the first stage of a digital transformation process – the Business Design stage.

From Business Idea to Strategy


The higher purpose of the work of an entrepreneur is twofold. Initially, it’s about creating a business. Still, more than that, it’s about learning from market feedback and the experience of implementing systems and then using this data to improve the business continuously.

The tools available in Business Design enable you to visualise how your business works. You can then confidently move into the implementation stage (Business Fulfilment) and work towards achieving GROWTH.

Modelling for Digital


Part of the process is to prototype and redesign until the model works. Luckily, new concepts and tools have emerged that can make this process effective and easy to follow while providing a glimpse into where digital automation can assist.


No business model is perfect, and thousands of examples demonstrate that. In addition, our cultural, technical, and social backgrounds make our ideas different; hence, our business models will always vary.


To help you, entrepreneurs, and business executives, better understand the design process that transforms a business into a thriving digital entity, I invite you to participate in my limited availability workshops. The focus is on Business Design and Fulfillment to ensure you understand how to begin transforming your organization.

I introduce you to a new way of thinking about your business as a digital-ready entity and provide insight into the modern concepts and techniques used in business modelling and planning.

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