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Embark on a journey of digital mastery with our comprehensive training programs, designed to empower your team with the knowledge and tools necessary for a successful digital transformation.

R/Evolution Build
Training Program

Duration: 6 Months
Format: Monthly 6-hour sessions with ongoing support

Objective: Equip your internal team with the expertise to craft a robust digital strategy, select the right technological solutions, and identify the human resources needed to bring your vision to life.


  • Monthly Themes: Each session is dedicated to a specific stage of the digital transformation roadmap: Idea, Model, Plan, Build, Optimize, Grow.
  • Hands-On Learning: Teams will apply concepts in real-time using project management tools and methods, guided by practical exercises and templates.
  • Support: Continuous email and video conference support to ensure concepts are understood and implemented effectively.
business coach working with your team

R/Evolution Consolidate
Training Program

Duration: Customizable, up to 12 months.
Format: Tailored sessions for the entire organization

Objective: Extend the Build program’s benefits across your organization, involving both internal and external team members, to create a cohesive digital transformation strategy.


  • Inclusive Training: Sessions are designed to engage a diverse team, including marketing coordinators, content writers, and other essential roles.
  • Collaborative Tasks: Activities are structured to promote teamwork and practical application of digital transformation principles.
  • Ongoing Support: Consistent access to expert advice and troubleshooting through email and video conferencing.

Training Approach

My training is interactive and engaging, ensuring that every team member is not just a spectator but an active participant. I use real-life scenarios and current tools to make the learning process as practical and relevant as possible.

Program Content

Each program covers the six stages of the digital transformation roadmap, tailored to your business’s unique needs. The content is adapted to resonate with different industries, ensuring relevance and immediate applicability.

Team Involvement

I believe in learning by doing. Your team will engage in practical exercises that reflect your business’s real-world challenges, fostering a deeper understanding and retention of the strategies discussed.

Outcomes and Benefits

Upon completion, your team will have a documented digital strategy, practical experience with modern digital tools, and a clear action plan for your business’s digital journey.

Post-Training Support

My commitment to your success extends beyond the training sessions. My team and I offer post-training support to ensure the continued application and optimization of the strategies developed.

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