How Sales Automation Helps You Grow Your Business

How Sales Automation Helps You Grow Your Business

Are you using sales automation in your business? Because if you are not, you could easily be wasting both time and money. Let’s start by defining what sales automation actually is in case you’re confused about the term and what it means.

Understanding Sales Automation

In a nutshell, it’s automating manual and repetitive sales tasks to free up human staff for more strategic and innovative work. Generally, automated tasks are routine and predictable.

Things like:

  • Invoicing
  • Follow-up emails
  • Customer queries

Up to one-third of sales tasks can be automated, making your staff more productive.

The Benefits of Sales Automation

The primary purpose of sales automation is to increase productivity and revenue. Let’s have a look at how successful companies are using sales automation to grow their businesses:

A Streamlined Sales Pipeline

Sales automation is ideal for time-consuming tasks like collecting email addresses and customer data. The software can be programmed with individual or a series of introduction and follow-up emails, recommend products based on customer preferences, and help buyers navigate the checkout process successfully.

Engage Prospective Customers

Prospects can be hard to come by, and following up each, and every one is important for conversions. Automate your follow-ups with engaging emails and make a great first impression.

Elevate Customer Service & Satisfaction

Are you are worried your business will lose the human touch if you employ sales automation? However, the opposite is generally the case. If you partner sales automation with a great across-company strategy, you will increase customer satisfaction and free up staff to provide better and faster support where they are needed.

Consistent Organisational Data

To ensure you are collecting the correct data and storing it in a central location when you implement sales automation, make sure to integrate it with the customer service software you are using.

This way, everyone has access to the same information.

Qualified KPIs

Keep track of vital analytics to understand where you and your team are succeeding and where timely changes can be made to effect improvements.

10 Areas Where You Can Use Sales Automation

  1. Data collection – collecting and updating data is a time-consuming task. Automate it and end up with data to analyse and help create savvy strategies informed by customer behaviour.
  2. Prospecting – automate your outreach to qualified leads with personalized communications.
  3. Scheduling – when you automate scheduling, it’s easy to factor in time zones, commitments, calendars and holidays. Or get customers to plan their own appointments.
  4. Maximise ROI – sales automation tools help you to focus on the leads most likely to pay off within your sales funnel.
  5. Email templates – easily create and send email campaigns using stylised templates.
  6. Manage product orders – automatically create invoices, shipping, and deliveries, including updates.
  7. FAQs – answer customer queries and reduce the need to have customer service reps on call when you use a chatbot.
  8. Schedule social media – automate your social sends for the biggest impact. Don’t forget to overseer content to ensure any adjustments are made if necessary.
  9. Proposals/contracts – use automated templates for contracts and proposals that use the customer data in your CRM. It is even possible for you to monitor documents with reminders and notifications for viewing and signing.
  10. Reporting – have the information you need at your fingertips. Track performance across all channels to analyze where your activities are succeeding.

I am Here to Help

Are you confused about sales automation? Do you want to know more? Get in touch, and we can talk about how I can help you streamline your business.

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