How to Create a Digital Strategy that Works

How to Create a Digital Strategy that Works

Simply posting things adhoc online as a company will not get you the results you desire. You may have some success, but you need a considered digital strategy to optimise your ROI from the available digital channels.

What are the Fundamentals of a Digital Strategy?

Nowadays, consumers are very savvy with tech, and you need to go to them where they spend most of their time on their devices. Consumers are constantly on the move, know what they want, and are on their smartphones or other mobile devices everywhere they go.

There are seemingly endless digital channels where you can engage, and the first step you need to take is to understand why your business exists. To work this out, think about the why instead of starting with your products and services.

When you understand the original dream, it becomes easier to tell your brand’s story that resonates with consumers accurately. Where did you Begin? What gap in the market did you plan to fill, and what problem to solve for customers?

When you tell your brand story, include the following:

  • Why does your business exists?
  • How will you help consumers and reach your goals at the same time?
  • What does your business offer?

Create your brand message from this information, and then you can determine the best channels to use to reach your desired demographic.

Steps to Creating Your Digital Strategy

1. Create Buyer Personas

Create personas or profiles representing your ideal customer and will help you engage with potential and existing customers. Using buyer personas will make your content more effective and your website easier to use by your target audience.

Use market research to understand your customers to build the attributes of your personas, and remember that:

  • Giving them a name makes them more relatable
  • Add goals that directly relate to the products/services that you offer
  • Include the challenges that you can help them address
  • Priorities that meld with your business offerings

2. Map the Consumer Journey

Now that you know your target audience and understand their needs, you can create a journey map showing how people interact with your company. Ask yourself:

  • Where is the first point of contact with your business online?
  • What are the most critical contact points that convince users to decide on your products?
  • Where do customers leave, and what convinces them to return?

Use the data you compile to determine where your strategy needs to focus on ensuring greater engagement, awareness, and revenue.

3. Create Strategic Content

Content needs to engage potential customers. Create a strategy based on what you already know about your target customers and create compelling content that they will read and share.

Collaborate with colleagues and use your buyer personas and your journey map to compile ideas for content like blogs, social media, emails, and any other digital channels that will fit into your overall digital strategy. Include key dates and events to help you create targeted content during the year.

4. Understand Your Resources

The next step is understanding how you will implement your digital strategy. Do you have a dedicated team? If not, evaluate the people you have working with you. Is there someone who is ideally suited to manage your digital engagement? Consider having a professional service handle this for you for a better return on your ROI.

5. Tracking Results And Reiterate

Use the data available to you to understand what is working for you and what is not. A digital strategy needs to be flexible. Adjust it as necessary to refine your engagement and increase your results.

I am Here to Help

Are you confused about creating a digital strategy? Do you want to know more? Get in touch, and we can talk about how I can help you streamline your business.

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